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This Biodiversity Essentials programme will give participants an introduction to biodiversity and what first steps their business can take to make a real difference. The programme will tutor businesses to understand the wide range of challenges and solutions for biodiversity and from this understanding, to develop a unique approach tailored to each business for positive and effective action. Participants will gain insight and be assisted to plan actions that benefit both the business and biodiversity.

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Biodiversity Essentials

Start Date

Autumn 2023


x2 Workshops


Funded for eligible firms


Live online interactive workshop

This programme will provide participants with an introduction to Biodiversity and cut through some of the jargon which those with little experience often find daunting. The session gives a comprehensive overview of what needs to be considered in crafting a Biodiversity Action Plan. It will also highlight relevant and up to date guidance and tools to get companies off to the best possible start in this fast-moving area.

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Gain knowledge &
to preserve Biodiversity loss

This programme will empower participants to understand, engage and develop achievable actions for their business to help biodiversity.

for eligible firms

This programme is funded by Skillnet Ireland.

action plan

The programme will contain ideas, practical tips, and examples. An interactive workshop will guide participants in developing a short, simple preliminary ‘Biodiversity Action Plan’ for their business.

Learning Experience

The Learning Experience

Each workshop will engage participants in key learnings about the challenges and solutions to Biodiversity loss and practical guidance on how to apply these essential understandings in their business. Participants will learn about common misconceptions of Biodiversity, the importance of creating a Biodiversity strategy and the business benefits of implementing Biodiversity initiatives. Trainees will be given examples of easy to implement biodiversity initiatives that SMEs can do on a limited budget and they will gain understanding on what resources are available to businesses to learn more and what organisations can help.

Workshop 1

Biodiversity Action Plan

Workshop 2

1 on 1 session with tutor

Learning Experience

Aims of the Programme

• Assessing the Biodiversity impacts and opportunities of your business through a Biodiversity SWOT analysis
• Development of Biodiversity Action Plan for each participating company
• Empower participants to understand, engage and develop achievable actions for their business to help biodiversity.

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