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Waste and Circular Economy Leaders Programme

The Waste and Circular Economy Leaders programme aims to support businesses to improve their waste management policies and develop a detailed action plan for their business anchored in Ireland's Waste Action Plan for a Circular Economy.

This programme will provide participants with an understanding of current waste management best practices and guidance on how to move their firm from a take-make-waste consumption model that cannot be sustained to one based on models of circularity.

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Waste & Circular Economy Leaders

Start Date

Spring 2022


12 Weeks


Funded for eligible firms


This programme consists of a series of online workshop webinars

Reduce Waste
& Save Money

Businesses will gain the knowledge and skills how to identify key insights into effective waste management and deliver waste efficient services and save money at their site.

for eligible firms

This programme is funded by Skillnet Ireland.

Waste Charter

Participants will create a bespoke waste charter and action plan to deploy in their business.

Learning Experience

The Learning Experience

This programme will provide you with the skills and knowledge needed to take the lead in managing your organisations waste, while also demonstrating effective ways to decrease operation cost whilst protecting the environment.

Workshop 1

Introduction to the Circular Economy and Developing the Business Case

Workshop 2

Waste Mapping of your

Workshop 3

Site Circularity and Waste Reduction quick wins at your site

Workshop 4

Developing a strategy and action plan for Waste Management

The Waste and Circular Economy Programme is aimed at those responsible for waste management within their company. The programme has the dual target of developing trainee skills at an individual level and delivering tangible impacts at the site level.

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Who is this Programme for?
Learning Experience

Aims of the Programme

The five key takeaways from this programme are as follows:

  • Building the Business Case
  • Mapping Current Practices
  • Baselining & Establishing Targets
  • Gap Analysis & Action Planning
  • Report Out – Presentation of final charter

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