Climate Ready


We help organisations roll out targeted sustainability programmes to their workforce with the support of grant-aided joint investment in team upskilling. This allows you to create a culture of sustainability, benefit from reduced costs, demonstrate commitment to climate action and enhance regulatory compliance across your business.

Climate Ready

All our interventions are designed to meet the unique challenges your business faces. We provide a range of curated training programmes, carefully designed for maximum impact across each environment they're used in.

A sustainability-ready workforce is one that's more efficient, more competitive, and more engaged. Our In-Company Training enables you to develop this critical asset for your organisation.

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Climate Ready

Our Approach

We start by assisting business and L&D teams identify and recognise the gaps to be filled and outline a plan to address these over time. These vary from company-wide sustainability awareness campaigns, managing organisational change for sustainability, to deeper interventions for operations teams, helping embed good environmental practice.

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Develop a Culture
of Sustainability

Demonstrate how each individual can play a pivotal role in creating a culture of sustainability in the business.


Engage all employees in contributing to enhanced resource efficiency and reduced costs.

Demonstrate Commitment
to Climate Action

Provide powerful evidence to showcase key stakeholders your commitment to Climate Action e.g. Origin Green, EPA, SEAI, etc.

Reporting Compliance

Understand requirements under mandatory reporting legislation, such as the CSRD.

Corporate Sustainability Pass

Drive a culture of sustainability
through your employees

The Corporate Sustainability Pass Programme is designed to help organisations transition to a more sustainable future by supporting staff of all disciplines and skill levels in developing awareness, knowledge and skills in core sustainability areas including energy, water, waste, biodiversity, sourcing and responsible citizenship.

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Skillnet Climate Ready Academy has been designed following extensive consultation with businesses operating in a range of sectors. 20FIFTY Partners are Skillnet Ireland’s delivery partners for the Skillnet Climate Ready Academy. The company specialises in engaging with industry to design world class, innovative programmes delivered by experts and apply best practice methodologies centred on sustainability and the green economy.


“Extensive engagement with SEAI, Bord Bia, the EPA and industry in developing the Sustainability Pass has provided us with excellent expert knowledge and experience. Our ongoing collaboration will drive the continued development of the Climate Ready Sustainability Pass to meet business needs and ensure it is widely adopted within industry in the years ahead.”