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Corporate Sustainability Pass

Drive company-wide awareness and skills across core sustainability areas with online training aligned to your corporate climate action strategy and objectives. The Corporate Sustainability Pass Programme is designed to help organisations transition to a more sustainable future by supporting staff of all disciplines and skill levels in developing awareness, knowledge and skills in core sustainability areas including energy, water, waste, biodiversity, sourcing and responsible citizenship.

Sustainability Pass


Sustainability Pass

Start Date

On Demand


60-90 minutes


Up to 50%
Funding available


Learning Modules

Multi-User Onboarding Support

Our Onboarding Representatives will help you launch and implement your corporate-wide programme, reducing administrative burden while maximising learner adoption.

Insights, Analytics & Reports

Access data and insights into learner progression as well as learner idea reports so you can track training activity, identify trends and tailor your programmes to align with business objectives.

Communications Support

Receive campaign planning support and customised collateral/resources to promote the programme internally and drive engagement.

Benefits to the Business

Develop a Culture of Sustainability

This programme demonstrates how each individual can play a pivotal role in creating a culture of sustainability within the business.

Demonstrate Commitment to Climate Action

The Sustainability Pass provides evidence of your business's commitment to equipping your teams with the skills and knowledge to address climate action and support Ireland's low carbon economy.


This programme engages all employees in contributing to enhanced resource efficiency and reduced costs.

Improved Sustainability Awareness:

Participants will understand the impact of their workplace’s environmental and sustainability strategies and how they can support, irrespective of their position or level.

and Credentials:

Participants who successfully complete the Sustainability Pass programme will receive a certificate of completion.


The Sustainability Pass provides learners with a pathway to further professional development opportunities.

Learning Experience

The Learning Experience

The Sustainability Pass is a short, self-study online programme.

The course includes the following engaging and interactive online learning modules:

  • Sustainability
  • Climate Ready
  • Energy
  • Travel
  • Waste
  • Water
  • Biodiversity
  • Assessment for Certification


A final assessment will be completed at the end of the programme. Learners will be required to select the best sustainable choices in a variety of workplace scenarios. The pass mark for this assessment is 80%.

Digital Credential:

Learners who successfully complete this programme will receive a certificate of completion.

Learning Experience

The Sustainability Pass is designed to help organisations across all sectors transition to a more sustainable future.

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Who is this Programme for?

What Participants Say


Ian Ryan
Energy Engineer

"The Sustainability Pass online training course supported a training need for greater sustainability awareness and guidance to colleagues on how to impact and contribute to energy, water and waste reduction goals in their daily activities."


James O’Regan
Snr. Manager Facilities / Sustainability

"Sustainability is embedded into our culture at Gilead Sciences and the understanding that we all need to be more vigilant in today’s society to minimise our energy consumption, impact to the environment and our local community. The Sustainability Pass has helped us gain greater insight into these areas and how we all can work together for the greater good"


Paul Bissett
Lean Champion

"As a "Green Engineering Facility", we recognise the importance of considering the environmental impact in everything we do. This awareness training supports our commitment to enhancing our environmental efficiency by achieving a low carbon footprint and high efficiency in our use of energy."

Designed and delivered
in partnership with enterprise

Skillnet Climate Ready Academy has been designed following extensive consultation with businesses operating in a range of sectors. 20FIFTY Partners are Skillnet Ireland's delivery partners for this initiative. The company specialises in engaging with industry to design world class, innovative programmes delivered by experts and apply best practice methodologies centred on sustainability and the green economy.

quoteExtensive engagement with SEAI, Bord Bia, the EPA and industry in developing the Sustainability Pass has provided us with excellent expert knowledge and experience. Our ongoing collaboration will drive the continued development of the Climate Ready Sustainability Pass to meet business needs and ensure it is widely adopted within industry in the years ahead.quote

– Ken Stockil, 20FIFTY Partners

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