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As businesses globally respond to the climate crisis, new innovations in climate adaptation and sustainability are constantly emerging.

The Climate Ready Academy Masterclass series connects business owners and managers with thought leadership and expertise in the areas of climate action and sustainability. Through interactive and informative sessions curated by experts, participants will gain insight into best practice models on a global level.

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Becoming Climate Ready Series


May 11th,2022


13.00 - 14.00


Virtual- Zoom


Sue Garrard,Former EVP of Sustainable Business at Unilever and Global Sustainability Strategy Advisor
Anton Savage, Chair, Broadcaster and Journalist


The transition to sustainable business practices can be challenging without support. This masterclass is crafted to help Irish businesses understand the growing business case for sustainable solutions and to learn how to manage and grow a sustainable business by incorporating circular economy principles into your strategies. Developing your organisation more ethically can ultimately help you reduce costs, improve your reputation, retain staff and boost your bottom line.

This Q&A session with Sue Garrard and Anton Savage is the perfect opportunity to ask your questions to the Sustainability Leader.  Wherever you are on your sustainability journey, there’s something which will help you take the next step.

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Sue Garrard

Sue was, until Autumn 2018, EVP Sustainable Business and Communications at Unilever. She now runs her own business, as an advisor on sustainability strategy for companies wishing to step change their strategy and commitment to sustainability. Current and recent clients include Mars; Primark; Lloyds Bank; Nat West Banking Group; Coutts; Natura; Danone; RHS; Heineken; and O2. Both Primark and the RHS launched ambitious sustainability plans in September 2021 based on work led by Sue.

Anton Savage

Anton is a very experienced presenter and one of our most popular hosts. He chairs conferences and events and is a regular MC at AGM’s, award ceremonies and conferences. His easy presenting style and wonderful ability to inform and communicate important conference messages to an audience transfers very easily into the corporate sector where he has hosted many events for clients including Vodafone and Barry Group to name a few.


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The Masterclass Series is aimed at professionals and senior leaders from all sectors. They are delivered by experienced practitioners who will share their knowledge, insights, and experience across a wide range of areas.

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What Companies say


Michelle Rahill
HR Manager

“In order to maintain our position at the forefront of waste management, we understand the importance of engaging all employees in the development of our Sustainability culture. This short course is very well presented and includes engaging and interactive learning content”


Dave Clarke
Contract and Sales Management

“The Sustainability Pass is accessible and informative and takes just 30mins to complete. We would highly recommend this course to any organisation looking to increase their awareness on sustainability, or those looking to adapt to the ever-increasing global issue that is Climate Change.”

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