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As businesses globally respond to the climate crisis, new innovations in climate adaptation and sustainability are constantly emerging.

The Climate Ready Academy Masterclass series connects business owners and managers with thought leadership and expertise in the areas of climate action and sustainability. Through interactive and informative sessions curated by experts, participants will gain insight into best practice models on a global level.


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Wednesday 25th August, 2021


13:00 - 14:00




Raoul Empey, Sustineo and Conor Molloy, Sustineo

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Masterclass 7

Transport is Ireland’s and the world’s fastest growing emitter of CO2e/GHG.  Businesses need to transfer people and transport goods to be profitable. We now have the opportunity to re-shape business structures post pandemic. How can businesses reduce transport costs and emissions?

What this session will offer:

– Why businesses should tackle their transport emissions?
– What are their options for doing so?
– What supports are available?


-Speaker Profiles:

Raoul is director of Sustineo, a consultancy for businesses, organisations and people who want to reduce the impact they have on the environment and on society. Sustineo does sustainability in 3 simple steps aiming to help businesses increase profitability while doing something good for society and the living world.

Raoul works as an energy advisor on behalf of the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) and a sustainability mentor on behalf of Bord Bia’s Origin Green programme. He is confident in challenging assumptions of business leaders, architects, engineers and other design consultants and has over 15 years professional experience managing complex multidisciplinary projects in the UK & Ireland. He has presented on whole life cycle assessment of building projects at Umeå University in Sweden, and is involved with nature-based solutions such as tree planting in Ireland.


Conor, trains companies to maximise their energy and fuel performance.  An experienced facilitator, he has trained EU and Member State Officials and is an Al Gore Climate Reality leader since 2018, Conor has been helping business save fuel and manage their energy use for profit and planet – to reduce their CO2/GHG emissions – since 2005.


The Masterclass Series is aimed at professionals and senior leaders from all sectors. They are delivered by experienced practitioners who will share their knowledge, insights, and experience across a wide range of areas.

Who is this Programme for?

What Companies say


Michelle Rahill
HR Manager

“In order to maintain our position at the forefront of waste management, we understand the importance of engaging all employees in the development of our Sustainability culture. This short course is very well presented and includes engaging and interactive learning content”


Dave Clarke
Contract and Sales Management

“The Sustainability Pass is accessible and informative and takes just 30mins to complete. We would highly recommend this course to any organisation looking to increase their awareness on sustainability, or those looking to adapt to the ever-increasing global issue that is Climate Change.”

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